Saturday, August 8, 2015

Baldy Mountain

On Saturday, August 8, after completing our hike to the Big Hole Lookout (, since we were in the area Patti and I hiked to the top of Baldy Mountain.

5.2 miles round trip.
1500 feet elevation gain.

The climb was steeper than we expected.  The elevation went from about 5900 feet at the trail head to over 7400 feet at the top. About 1500 ft over 2.6 miles, which is not bad, but both Patti and I felt it.  Maybe it was because this was our second hike of the day.

As we hiked up we met one couple and their dog coming down.  They didn't make it to the top.  They were the only people we saw on the mountain.

The driving route from Kalispell

The driving route between our two hikes of the day

The driving route from Plains, MT to the trail head

Baldy Mountain as seen from just north of Plains. MT

Baldy Mountain

 The top mile of the trail is all made of loose rock, about the size of bricks. Good tough boots are in order!

Thompson Peak is the tallest mountain in the far background.

Cabinet Mountains in the distance

Our earlier hike, Big Hole Lookout, is over that way.

The following photo doesn't do justice to the great views,  The photo is washed out so it doesn't show the Mission Mountains, Swan Mountain Range, or the mountains of Glacier National Park in the distance.

Hot Springs, MT is out in the sunlight in the center of the photo.

We didn't hike down to Baldy Lake.

Baldy Lake

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