Sunday, April 18, 2010

Winter snow hiking photos

This is on the hike to Apgar Lookout on February 28 with Joyce and Patti.

This is near the top of Ousel Peak on March 14 with Patti.  Glacier Park is in the background.  I actually used my snowshoes on this hike.

April 18 I attempted to hike up to Huckleberry Lookout in Glacier Park. Patti and I were the first people up on this trail this year as there were no other human footprints in the snow.  We turned back when the snow on a very steep slope in an open section started to make settling noises in a ten foot radius a number of times when I made a step.  A week or so ago a guy died in an avalanche while skiing/snowboarding on a mountain in another part of the Park.  We decided not to risk it and never got close to the lookout.