Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ronan Mission Mountains

When I was at the Women's Expo at Ronan, Montana this was the view outside the community center. It is the Mission Mountains. Pretty, isn't it?

Views at 1 pm and 5 pm.

The mountain on the far right side - under the cloud - is Mt Calowahcan.

I would give you the names of the other mountains, but I can't find their names.  This is really strange because they are so prominent and I'd be surprised if they are not named.  These mountains are in the Mission Mountain Tribal Wilderness.  Because it is a tribal wilderness, is this the reason the mountains are not named on the maps I've found?

Here is small snippet from the Flathead National Forest map.  The mountains are not named here either.  Only Mt Calowahcan is named.

The main (unnamed) mountains in my photos (and the left ones in the panoramic photo) are located to the right of the Lost Creek (and lakes) and above Terrace Lake.

The mountains in the middle of the panoramic photo are somewhere near Crow Creek Lakes and Mollman Pass.

Mt Calowahcan is marked on the map in the lower right.