Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eureka Bubba Burger

Today after a day of hiking near Eureka, MT, Patti, Mary and I drove to Eureka to try the Bubba Burger that won the contest for the best burger on the "Live! with Regis and Kelly" TV show back in 2009.

The Bubba Burger is a mesquite-fired patty topped with spicy Cajun sausage, jumbo shrimp, chipotle sauce and cheddar cheese.   It is different and pretty good.

The burger is served at the restaurant called The Cutting Board which is located downtown Eureka on the main road (Hwy 93).   The restaurant is larger than I expected and is tastefully decorated.  The service was fast, friendly and attentive.

While Patti and I each had a Bubba Burger, Mary - who leans towards being a vegetarian - had a chicken sandwich with grilled vegetables which included mushrooms, carrots and beets among other vegetable.  The taste I had of it was delicious.  Mary really liked it and said she could have had just the grilled vegetables as a meal and she would have been happy.

All the food was very good.

We left shortly after 9 pm as we wanted to get back to Kalispell before it got too dark.  Hwy 93 between Eureka and Kalispell is known for having lots of deer along the road.  Therefore we left before the owner got ready to play his guitar for the enjoyment of the customers.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

21.2 miles and Gall

Today I went hiking with Gene and Patti in the Jewel Basin. We saw six lakes. Patti and Gene said the route would 16 miles long.  At the beginning I calculated on the map that our route would be 18 miles.  We missed one turnoff and ended up hiking an extra 3 miles in total.  At the end I recalculated our route's distance and the total was 21.2 miles.  No wonder I feel tired now.

In the trail head parking lot was another unusual car window sticker.  It is not just hippies/liberals who hike and put stickers in their car windows.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Minnesotan's gather firewood

Saturday I went with friends on a hike to Upper Quartz Lake in Glacier Park.  It seems as if I can't visit Glacier Park without seeing someone from Minnesota.  Apparently this MN person took a corner too fast on the Bowman Lake road and went into the ditch.  He came out with this log.