Friday, October 4, 2013

Hoskins Lake

While Tammy was holding a Tastefully Simple party in the Yaak area, I went on a short easy pleasant 2 mile hike for a few hours.  Nearby was Hoskins Lake.

Apparently there a number of bears in the area.  I didn't see any.

There is a study being done on bears.  The researchers are trying to gather bear fur on wires to do DNA testing.  From this they can determine the number of unique bears in the area.  A similar study recently was completed in the Rocky Mountains near and around Glacier Park.

Hoskins Lake at the south end looking north.

I walked all around the large lake.   Below is the view of Hoskins Lake looking south.

Until I looked on Google Earth I didn't realize a smaller lake lay to the north of Hoskins Lake. Here is the view looking north of Hoskins Lake.  Here you can see why I never realized there is a lake on the other side of this meadow.

This area might be good moose habitat.  But I didn't see any moose.   I could see - and hear! - three squirrels who were not happy I was in their area.

As I mentioned I walked all around the lake.  The best part of the trail is on the east side (right side) of the lake.  The trail is pretty established on the east side.  Part way up and along the lake is a campsite area for one and a fire ring.

On the west side of the lake the trail is easy to follow for about halfway up the lake.  The upper half is doable but you'll have to pick your way along in some parts over fallen trees. It is not hard as there is little undergrowth.

Not the trail, but a representative view of the area where the trail comes and goes.

There are a few large rocks near shore on the west side and more places to access the lake on the west side than the east side.

Follow this link to see more photos of the lake.