Sunday, June 26, 2016

Red Eagle Lake 2016

On Sunday June 26, 2016 Patti, Lynda and I hiked to Red Eagle Lake in the east side of Glacier Park near St Mary Lake.

The roundtrip distance was 15.9 miles.   The elevation ranged from 4500 to 4850 ft.  So a relatively flat hike.  On the hike we crossed Red Eagle Creek twice over suspension bridges.

This is one of Patti's favorite hikes due to the wildflowers.  This year the wildflowers were there but so-so.

The weather was in the 70s and nice.  The sky was mostly clear but as the day wore on the clouds increased.  At the lake with a small breeze in the sun it felt nice; and then with a shadow from a cloud it felt cool.

Along the trail we met two Glacier Park trail crews working on the trail.   We met one other young couple backpacking out as they had hiked over Triple Divide Pass on their way to the Reynold Creek campsite west of St Mary Lake.   Other than a few people closer to the beginning of the trail, we had most of the trail and all of the lake to ourselves.

In 2006 this area burned in a major fire.  (  So, other than the many standing dead trees, the hike was mostly open and with views.

Because Weyerhaeuser bought the Plum Creek lumber company Patti will lose her job.  She has found another job in Wisconsin.  So this might be the last time Patti visits Red Eagle Lake, or at least probably for not for a long time.  When it came time to leave the lake Patti got emotional. 

Here are 18 photos from our hike:

Here is a 50 second video of the lake: