Sunday, June 17, 2012

Numa lookout with Charlie

Sunday June 17, 2012 I hiked to Numa Lookout in Glacier Park with my Minnesota friend Charlie and his son, Simon. They were visiting me for a few days during their journey to Oregon.   The Going-to-the-Sun road was not cleared of snow and opened yet over Logan Pass so this hike was a good alternative to see a beautiful lake and get some elevation mountain views for someone who had never been to Glacier Park before.

Trail distance: 11.2 roundtrip.

Elevation gain: 2930 ft

Highest Point: 6960 ft

It had rained the night before and the vegetation along the trail was wet.  I led, and even using a stick to brush the water off the vegetation, my lower legs got wet.

The forecast threatened rain in the afternoon and rain was what we got after we were up at the lookout. It was a wet hike back down the mountain to my car.   Surprisingly several couples were hiking up the trail in the rain as we were hiking out.

Bowman Lake before and after our hike

Snow was across a few spots on the trail.

We had started our hike at the far end of the lake.

Rain moved in.

It rained with some sleet during the hike back down the mountain.

Hustling down the trail in the rain

21 second video of rain/sleet on the Numa Lookout hike:

I put plastic bread wrappers in my shoes in an attempt to keep my feet dry. Didn't work as well as I had hoped.

Stopping to check out the sap on a tree trunk.

Wet, but back to the car.  Now, why didn't we think to bring extra pairs of dry socks?

After our hike we stooped at the Merc in Polebridge, MT and Charlie bought each of us a homemade baked item to eat.

Between the North Fork Road and the North Fork river.

Flathead County decided this section of the North Fork road was too wide and in the Fall of 2012 carved off each side of the road and narrowed it down quite a bit.

28 second video of this waterfall along the North Fork road: