Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lake McDonald

After looking at the web cam photo of Lake McDonald that Patti sent on Wednesday, Donna wanted to go to Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park on Thursday.  Since my shoulder is still healing I am not suppose to do much. This recent nice weather has been too much of a temptation to do work around the ranch.  A short drive and hike should keep me from using my arm and shoulder too much. So Thursday afternoon we drove to the Park.

No one was at the Park entrance to monitor admission; but Donna has a Golden Eagle park pass so we drove on in.

We first drove to look at the Camas Road.  It is still snow covered and closed.  We then drove to Apgar and looked at Lake McDonald.

Then we drove up to the Lake McDonald lodge area. Part way along the way we stopped and walked down to the lake to see the view.

Near the lodge the Going-to-the-Sun road was snow covered and closed at that point.

We got out the car and walked along the road until we could take the the North McDonald road that crosses McDonald creek before the creek enters the north end of Lake McDonald.

View of Lake McDonald from the bridge over McDonald Creek.

Ariel view of the previous photo.

There we looked at the scenery and several deer before walking back to the car.

The snow on the Sun Road was hard packed and easy to walk on. The snow looked only to be several inches deep.  In a couple spots the road was clear of snow.

The sun was bright and warm in the clear sky. The temperature, in the 40s F, was relatively warm.

I was able to use my new GPS unit.  I am still figuring out how it works but I got the following data from the device.

The distance we walked was 3.3 miles round trip.

Here is a chart of the elevation change.   The chart may look dramatic but the total gain/loss was not that much as the difference between the minimum and maximum elevation was only 74 ft.  I don't know why the chart is not a mirror image of each half of the trip.

Here are 37 photos from our hike: