Saturday, November 6, 2010

Numa Ridge Lookout

Last Saturday Patti and I hiked up to the Numa Ridge Lookout.  The weather was not ideal, but with Winter soon coming there are few chances of having a better weather day.  Saturday's weather was not bad, but mainly cloudy.

It appears two weather systems were jockeying for position and they met over Bowman Lake.  Darker clouds came from the left and lighter clouds came from the right.  They met over the middle of the lake then moved north to Canada.  It made for an interesting photo.

Note the mountains on the right.  A later photo will show them from another angle.

Here is a closer view of the left side of the previous photo.  My destination.  Looks so close, doesn't it?

Here is the Lookout.  Yes, there was some snow higher up on the mountain.

The view from the lookout.  Numa Peak is to the north and Bowman Lake is to the SE.  I started the hike at the far end of the lake and climbed 2380 feet in 5.6 miles to get here.

If I remember right, those are Rainbow and Square Peaks in the middle of the photo with Rainbow Peak on the left and Square Peak the pointy (go figure!) mountain on the right.